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LIVE BIG, THINK BIG - Journal Notebook


A Newbie Entrepreneur's Guide to Building an EMPIRE & becoming a TYCOON!

Hey Newbie,

Guess what? You can finally stop dreaming and start doing! PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!!!

I know you've heard this saying " You can be whatever you want to be".... That is absolutely correct, but Faith without works is dead. Everyone has goals and aspirations, but not everyone knows how to achieve them. Our LIVE BIG, THINK BIG 12-month planner, gives you everything you need to take the first steps towards the life you've ever dreamt of.

Designed with you in mind to help you plan for the next 6+ months on your entrepreneurial journey. Tycoons didn't become who they are just by not having a plan or a vison. Having the right mindset to achieve your goals is the 1st step! This will allow you to record your daily activities and set out a schedule that's ideal for your life. It also includes space on each page to write down valuable information, so you never forget a thing.

  • Taking control of your future, by jotting down all things necessary to help you achieve success
  • Keep track of your business goals, expenses, and income
  • Create reminders for due dates, deadlines, and more
  • Keep track of daily tasks and important notes

This planner consists of over 200 pages which is broken down into the following sections:

  • Undated Pages
  • Daily Task Page
  • Daily Goals Page
  • Notes Page
  • 12-Month Summary/Review

This planner is best suited for individuals that are:

  • Self-motivated
  • Hard-working
  • Goal-oriented
  • Success-minded
  • Adventurous
  • Risk Takers
  • Are okay with being Unconventional
  • Are okay with being Challenged


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LIVE BIG, THINK BIG like A..... 12-Month Planner



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