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Hey bosses, meet Toia Wallace!

Operating with a highly remarkable level of entrepreneurial and business knowledge, Toia Wallace is a life enthusiast, an avid traveler, a lover of GOD, & a woman of culture. A multi-faceted individual with a strong background cutting across the industries of Law, Medicine, and Education. Toia is a proud graduate of Purdue University where she earned her Master of Science in Criminal Justice; 


          As an entrepreneur, she is passionate about helping individuals achieve exponential success in their business(es).  She has freelanced as a business coach and consultant for 8 plus years, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs and aficionados alike. Toia Wallace is the Founder of HER Solopreneur Network , a faith-based community dedicated to empowering women solopreneurs. Our mission is to provide guidance, mentorship, and support to women who run their own businesses, helping them scale and succeed while trusting in God. 


As a serial entrepreneur, she is also the founder/owner/CEO of several businesses which includes Instant Plug - Digital Shoppe, a PLR digital product and ready-to-sell templates online business, HER LITTLE Black Boxx, a curated monthly subscription box tailored for faith-based women solopreneurs  Journey to Life - Health & Wellness Spa,  InamiPro Clinical Skin Care, JACE Laboratories & Screening LLC "Drug Testing Center", 1011 Learning Hub, a fast-track unconventional online training center that provides a wide variety of training programs to move individuals into entrepreneurship, DNA Genie, an online locator program for all DNA services, Co-Owner of SE Music Productions LLC, and the new Hydrate H2O by Alkaline  "Alkaline Water Distribution Company".

Toia started a social network called “Brunch SUNDAYS in the City”, where new upcoming and established entrepreneurs meet, collaborate and network city by city. Her newly founded passion for the social media presence boost her drive to then start her own YouTube channel called Salt N’ Stilettos, a fusion of food, lifestyle, and business. A safe haven for everyone who yearns to eat healthy, live inspired and master entrepreneurship. Her channel strives to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for all, especially women who want to learn how to cook healthy, live proper, and build passion-rich businesses.

With her years of experience, both in business and life, she understands the importance of true altruistic duties, by assisting individuals to seek clarity in their lives. A leader, innovator, visionary, and problem solver AKA "The Solutionist", she became a dedicated entrepreneur after discovering a distinct approach to achieving financial success. As a successful business owner, building several businesses over the years, her goal is to see others in action, and putting what they have learned to good use. Regardless of their background, she encourages everyone to be determined, relentless, and unique in their endeavors.


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